Aug 3, 2017

Sarah & Derek – Leduc Engagement




Make up : Polished Glow


These two have an amazing engagement story. Derek did lots of pre planning to pull off this proposal and everyone was in on it!
Derek was working for Rockies Heli Canada and about a month prior to the proposal, he invited Sarah to visit him at work (he told her there was a staff perk where you got to bring one guest for a helicopter flight). When the time came, they decided to go camping the night before and check out the beautiful area. And then it was time! They went
 to the helicopter base, where Derek showed Sarah around and introduces her to everyone, even the resident dog…little did she know that everyone was in on what was about to happen. They got loaded in to the helicopter and took off toward to the mountain range… “It was absolutely breathtaking. There were beautiful little like mini-lakes, not quite ponds but also not full blown lakes. There were beautiful hanging glaciers, and quaint little grassy patches with tiny trees and wildflowers. We actually  landed on top of one of the mountain ledges, a lovely little grassy area. It had the most beautiful view, overlooking a blue and green lake and stunning mountain slopes”. As Sarah was caught up in the view, Derek got the pilot to take some photos of them, where he got down on one knee and pulled out a box. Of course Sarah said screamed yes! The pilot got it all on and camera and when they got back to the base, everyone was ready to congratulate them.





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