Jan 10, 2017

My Proposal Story

To start off the year I am currently giving away an engagement session to a couple that got engaged over the holidays. I decided since I am asking for proposal stories from couples, I should share my own proposal story.

A year ago today I got engaged to Carsen, someone I knew I would marry shortly after we first met. I had even told my Aunt I was going to marry him within a month after meeting him.
Let’s start from the beginning. Up until Christmas Day 2015, I have always given Carsen a hard time about “never taking pictures with me”. It wasn’t necessarily because he never did, but as a photographer I felt we should have a lot more then we did. To be fair, we didn’t have professional ones either. On Christmas morning, I opened up what I thought was one of the most thoughtful things Carsen had ever done for me.. a gift card to my favourite local photographers. I bawled. Seriously. I cried more then when he pulled a ring out of his pocket. It was so sweet and I was so excited. I couldn’t believe I had finally convinced him to get photos done with me, little did I know there was bigger surprise waiting.
Once we started to talk about when we should use it, I had suggested summer while Carsen wanted to do them sooner. So I started emailing the photographers to set up a date, Jan 10th it was. Carsen even had a location picked out and to my surprise I agreed with it before even seeing it. It was the perfect spot, along a creek with trails going way back into the trees leading up to an old scout cabin. The night before our session it snowed, which made everything extra pretty the next day. We started out doing some photos as we walked up a trail of snow covered trees to where the cabin hides, it was weird being on the other side of the camera. Once our photographers found a spot they liked, they put Carsen into a pose which ended with him on one knee and pulling a ring out of his pocket. And of course I said yes. I love that we have these photos to look back on our reactions to that exact moment, it was the perfect proposal for me. Special thanks to Susan and Krister from Picture That Photography for capturing these moments.

xoxo Taelor


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