in love 


I only drink champagne on two occasions.. When I am 

when I am not

Hi! I’m Taelor. Thank you for stopping by. I am honoured you would like to get to know me better. I live in the country with my husband Carsen and my really spoiled cat Wiz. I specialize in weddings and engagements but I love doing family photos too. I am dedicated to capturing genuine moments.

Most days you can find me with a comfy sweater on, my cat within 10 steps away and the food network playing in the background while I edit. My hair in a braid, unless I have to go somewhere, then it is straight because that’s how it dries and effortlessly simple is the way to go. 

A couple random things: I look forward to watching the storms roll in during the summer. I like making lists - grocery lists, to do lists, all of the lists. I sometimes talk to myself when I edit. A night in playing cards with friends or family is right up my alley. And okay fine.. I also enjoy the occasional glass of sangria.
For me there is only two times of the year, fall and waiting for fall. 

I have been married to my better half since June 2017. I am thankful to have experienced being a bride myself. I understand the emotions you will go through, from the stress of planning to the butterflies you get the moment you step into your wedding dress.


A few of my favourite things;
Cozy blankets 
Fuzzy socks
Tea Latte's 
Watching Chopped
Baths - but only with all the accessories.

to my best friend

happily married

meet wiz

I know you all want to